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Axeville throwing club


Move over bowling. Move over darts. There's a new game in town!

What is an axe throwing club?

If you haven’t heard of an axe throwing club, your first thought was likely that it is a bar with axes. Actually, they are entertainment venues that are designed to allow people to throw axes (or hatchets) at wooden targets while enjoying music and beer, wine, cider or other options. 

Axeville locations are cool, inviting spaces where anyone can safely take part in the sport of axe throwing while enjoying some of the amazing local craft beers, ciders and wine that Beer City, USA has to offer.
Axe throwing is a sport with Olympic aspirations. The International Axe Throwing Federation (or IATF) holds an annual championship with standardized rules and regulations. Most axe throwing venues are more akin to bowling alleys, complete with recreational leagues, while others may have been bars, restaurants or other venues first with ax-throwing as an added attraction.

Our venues have throwing coaches or ‘Axperts’ on hand to teach newcomers how to throw and ensure the safety of the participants and guests. As a part of one of the standardized axe throwing leagues, guests can also learn the formal rules of the game.

But axe throwing is only as competitive as you want to make it. Basically, it’s like darts, but EXTREME. Whether you are looking for a fun group activity for a company outing, team building activities, a new spin on a bachelor / bachelorette party or just a great way to blow off some steam, GET YOUR AXE HERE!

Axeville isn’t a bar with axes. It’s an axe throwing venue that serves amazing local and imported beers, ciders and wines.


PLEASE NOTE: Axeville locations are all for those who are 18 years or older. As much as we love kids, our spaces are catered to adults having fun and aren’t ideal environments for children. We are planning on ​scheduling specific event days in the future where we can create a safe environment to open up our club to children’s groups and family functions but, for now, we are strictly adults only.

Interested in joining our team as an Axe Coach or Beertender?