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“When you love the game, it doesn't matter if you win or lose.”

If you’ve enjoyed throwing axes at Axeville, you should consider joining a league. It’s the perfect excuse to get together with friends or make some new ones all while improving your skill level.

Your experience level doesn’t matter since the only way to improve is to play with people who are better than you. You’ll compete individually and will get tips from our coaches and other players.

7 Week Seasons 4 Times A Year

We are an IATF-affiliated club.  Click on the link for more info on rules and formats.

The first six weeks generally consist of four matches per player. The 7th week is a double elimination tournament, with the top 16 competitors facing off to crown a season champion. Regular season matches can usually be rescheduled if absent. 

Our 7-week leagues cost $125 per person. If you throw in consecutive seasons, you’ll get 15% off the following season.

Summer Leagues have finished.  Congratulations to Matt and Hobson, our First place Winners!

Winter Leagues started on 01/11/24 and run through 02/22/24. 

Practice starts at 5:45pm with match play starting at 6pm. Matches run until approximately 8pm.  Double-elimination tournaments will be on the last week of league play.

We will continue our current format for league play. Our goal is to ensure that everyone is competing against similar skill levels instead of playing against opponents way above or below your current ability level.

There will be two leagues this season:

a. Alpha – This league is intended for newcomers and casual players with a maximum season average under 58.

b. Omega – This league is for those advanced throwers who are averaging 58 and over. Anyone else may join this league but it is intended for those with a high skill level.


If you’d like to watch Leagues in action, stop by or check out our League livestreams on Thursdays starting at 6pm.

When signing up, there’s no immediate cost to reserve your spot but you will be billed $125 which must be paid prior to League start.  In addition to saving your spot, signing up for League play provides you with discounted merchandise and throwing on Sundays.

For more information, drop us a line – 

For current IATF League Rules click here.

To watch the LiveStream of League Play, check out our Facebook page on Thursdays!